How To Make Spray Tan Last Longer


Spray Tans are becoming more popular among the most devoted beauty lovers this summer holiday. I hope you know the dangers of spending too much time on the sun and that is why you would like to maintain your beautiful bronze look without necessarily applying spray tan every other time. The duration of the spray tan depends on how dark you want to be. For instance, darker shades can last for ten days, medium shades (7-8 days) and lighter shades can last up to 5 days. If you want to know how long does a so tan last, then read on find out.

What to do before you Spray the tan

Pre preparation is essential before spraying the tan because it also counts in making your tan to last longer. Some people who have ignored this critical step failed to realize their goal. So let’s get into it.


Exfoliating your skin before tanning is essential in ensuring your tan last longer. You can use a cleanser or gentle scrub to achieve a deeper tan. It is a necessary step because it ensures debris and dead skins are removed to prevent streaks. Exfoliate your skin a couple of days before the actual day so that your pores can have time to close and recover. However, don’t use oil-based products or chemical exfoliants because they prevent the skin from absorbing tanning solutions.

Don’t wax within the 24 hours of your scheduled appointment

Waxing opens up your skin pores and ends up leaving them larger than before. Therefore, you should not wax within 24 hours to your scheduled appointment because you may end up getting an uneven tan.

Take a shower

Take a shower 8 hours before the tan is applied and exfoliate your skin to ensure it remains clean. You can apply minimal moisturizer after taking a shower. Exfoliating and taking a shower allows your skin to attain the recommended Ph that is effective for using a spray tan.

Avoid deodorants and body lotions

Ensure you avoid lotions, foundations, and deodorants before the appointment day. It is because these products will form a temporary layer on your skin which makes it hard for the spray tan to penetrate. That is why some people find the other parts of their skin lighter than the applied parts when they wash off. Wearing eye makeup is allowed, and you will not have to remove it when the spray tan is applied.

Wear loose-fitting clothes

Loose-fitting clothes ensure no tan lines will be formed. It is recommended that you put on a light and loose clothing that will not leave marks. What to do after the spray tan Your spray tan technician should explain to you what you need to do the first 24 hours when the tan is applied. Let’s check out.

Shower properly

You have realized that there are pre and post-shower to ensure the tan is applied correctly for it to last longer. Besides, you will also be required to take a shower after the spray tan is applied. Take a lukewarm bath and use the most basic soap during the first shower. Avoid products that have lots of additives. After the shower uses a light moisturizer on your skin.

Use baby Powder 

When the tan has been applied, you should try to.minimize sweating by using baby Powder. It would not add up to spend money then your spraying tan is washed off by sweat right?. This powder will also keep the spray intact on the applied area. Use a substantial amount of powder in the following areas: under your butt, back of your knees, inner elbows, and underarms.


Moisturization is done before and after tanning. After tanning, you should ensure you use a moisturizer regularly to keep your skin well primed and prevent fading quickly. If you want more consistent results, you need to apply body lotion after showering to help in retaining colour and skin moisture.

Use Gradual Tan

Gradual tan is a high-quality product that ensures there is colour retention during the tanning sessions. It helps your tan to last longer because your skin will always remain hydrated daily hence perfect tan. Gradual tan should be applied on fresh, clean skin daily to help maintain the deep tan.

Use sunscreen on outdoors

Even after having a spray tan on your skin, you will need to protect yourself from UV rays by wearing sunscreens so that you can have more consistent results. Therefore, apply the sunscreen on every exposed skin surface. It is advisable to use water-based sunscreen lotions than the oils for more consistent and reliable tanning results.

Apply Self -Tanner 

You need to apply self-tanner in between the tanning sessions because different body parts fade faster than the others. The face can fade faster; that is why you need to give it a priority. Additionally, buy a non-comedogenic or self-tanning product if you are suffering from acne because it will not lead to further development of acne or clogging up of your pores. Use a lighter product to retain even tan.

Avoid chlorinated water

Summer season is associated with lots of swimming because of higher temperatures. However, the chlorine will make your tan to fade; hence you should avoid chlorinated water pools. If you are approaching the end of your tanning period chlorinated water will help you to remove dead skin before you apply the new tan.

Avoid fragranced and oil-based products

These products prevent your tan from lasting longer. I said earlier that it could also make it hard for your skin to absorb tanning solution that is why you need to avoid it at all costs.

Apply highlighter

Applying highlighters helps your skin to glow because of their shimmery components. It makes your colour more dominant which gives you a vibrant look.


The spray tan is essential because they are the safest option available. If you follow the tips that I have provided in this article, your tan can last as long as ten days. In case you don’t have any idea about preventing streaks or ensuring your colour last, then you should consult your technician. Additionally, always detox your spray tan monthly because it is suitable for your skin, it removes the old layer before a new one is applied.

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