8 Best Blowout Haircuts For Men


A quality blowout is a style for every occasion as it brings confidence and a fashionable tone to one’s appearance. It usually takes the form of a stylized hairdo that is designed to last. Holding form for up to 3-5 days, these trending hairstyles have become the go-to technique for the modern-day man. A blowout consists of three steps, washing, blow-drying and styling hair thus creating many different looks. When searching for the perfect blowout, one must consider their face shape, hair type, and length. Let’s take a look at some eye-catching blowouts that rock this trend in style.

The Straight Blowout

Just as its name might suggest, this blowout consists of a straight-up style that is both modern and striking. Best seen to work on naturally thick and straight hair, the style usually requires a lot of styling products to help keep everything in place. When going for the straight-up approach any length hair is appropriate, but a medium to long length is ideal.

The Faded Blowout

One of the most popular styles nowadays is the so-called “faded” look. Similar to the historical undercut hairstyle that is also tending, the faded cut involved a long top, that fades into shorted sides at the crown of the head. Typically a fade can be seen in any length, from high, low to medium skin fades. Furthermore, this ideal blowout works with almost every type of hair length and style, thus making it a popular choice among men.

The Afro Blowout

For men that have a voluminous afro hair type, the afro blowout is a prominent pick that is stylish. Often it is seen with short and faded or shaved sides to create a balanced appearance. The texture and volume of an afro type of hair require a minimum amount of products to keep a long lock in place. With a naturally standing up hairdo, the afro blowout is the ideal style to go with.

The Curly or Wavy Blowout

Ging off a more textured look, men with naturally curly hair type are typically seen with a short curly blowout. Since curly hair naturally has the tendency to sit up, this blowout does not need much work for a sleek result. Despite that, men with curly hair should keep in mind that excessive blow-drying causes curly hair becomes frizzier, making them look messy.

The High Volume Blowout

Similar to the straight blowout, this style provides a dramatic but fashionable appearance. Requiring long and thick hair, this look is usually the hardest to upkeep and groom. But if done correctly, it can look extremely modern. If you choose to rock this look, be sure to keep some hair products always at hand.

The Messy Blowout

For those looking for more of a casual yet modern look, the messy blowout is for you. The current style is ideal for medium to long hair that is of the straight and wavy type. Despite its name, when done correctly, the messy blowout is a fitting style for both casual and formal occasions. Adding an extra step to your blowout, simply mess up and scrunch the hair with your hands with some pomade after blow-drying, to achieve this look.

The Pushed Back Blowout

Taking on a more sophisticated cut, the pushed back blowout is perfect for men with a bit more length on the top. The look is created by blow-drying your hair upward and then combining it back. The blowout can take on various appearances. If you are looking for more of a soft and textural style then applying a pomade that will give a more natural finish. Whereas combing back your hair with gel will give off a more hardening and sleek effect.

The Swept Blowout

This final blowout takes on the form of a sideways swept look. Going for more of a natural style, this blowout requires a bit of pomade and blow-drying the hair to one side. Typically seen with long to medium length wavy hair, the form is perfect for a casual and natural look. Just remember to not distress the hair too much, as it might take on a messier rather than swept style.

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